Gabriel Ruiz
UI/UX Designer

Qatar Airways iOS 12

Qatar Airways Iphone X app

Qatar Airways iOS 12

One of the most satisfying moments of my career as a UI designer was when I had the first opportunity to work for a company like Qatar Airways. At that time, a unique challenge was presented that merited a team of usability and user-centered design experts.

A whole library was developed that lead to a style guide to develop the app for iOS. Today we cross paths again with the wonderful development team of Qatar Airways to take this app to the next level: iOS 12

The main goal and the information were the same, very little has changed the users of Qatar Airways over the years. (something good for an app within the travel industry)

Among the new features that were incorporated in this new version, and that are being worked to incorporate it in previous versions, is the travel history that the user can see as well as the scheduled trips, quickly and easily. Converting this into a main function and something of great importance, just as the user had been demanding it.

Among other aspects, the app remains faithful to its structure, but compared to the previous version, the change to a light theme gives it a totally renewed and clean appearance.


As always, for all those travelers from Qatar Airways, The app provides critical information for a safe and amazing trip. The app allows anyone to control all aspects of their flights completely in their mobiles, without the need of using a computer.

I was excited to work on this project and happy to help the team to accomplish their design goals. 
Our collaboration started with wireframing. I created a new look and feel for the app and continued working on the product design.
One of my goals as usually was maintaining the consistency and provide a cohesive user experience through visual language.