Gabriel Ruiz
UI/UX Designer

Goal App Design

GOAL App UI/UX Design

Personally, I love soccer, it's my favorite sport, and for that reason, working on this project was a completely satisfactory experience that combined my two passions, soccer and design.

This project emerged in mid-2015 in conjunction with Perform Gaming, by that time, we were already studying the need to create a platform that collected all the necessary information of the soccer world and within your reach, that's why we built GOAL.


The main challenge for this app was the need to synthesize all the large amount of information it contains, and present it in an intuitive and pleasing to the eye way. So that the interface could be used by people of all ages (since the soccer fan does not have age).

Another important challenge for me was the news classification, since it was necessary to add filters so that the same news can be presented in different way. Likewise, it was necessary to add the fact that the multimedia content such as photos and videos, should be felt as part of the news.


The result of the project was an intuitive and friendly interface, with minimal changes between each of the functions and that also has all the information that the user requires.

In addition to having quick access functions, minimal changes are maintained in the iconography to ensure that the learning curve is the fastest possible. Results of tests carried out with focus groups of different ages, showed that most of the users described the app as "simple and easily navigable"

A simple UX scheme was also defined, simplifying and eliminating for the first time, double notifications, double confirmations and logs in with password, so that there were fewer steps to go from point A to point B.

It’s amazing how you can learn to use the app so fast, it’s definitely what I’ll use to keep up with the transfer market and the results of my teams.
— User during focus group at the beginning of 2016