Gabriel Ruiz
UI/UX Designer

Zero App v3.0

Zero App v3.0 Iphone iOS

Zero App v3.0

Fasting made simple

Zero is the world's largest fasting community for iOS and Apple Watch. (for the moment) Such an important community deserved an interface that could be highly intuitive, simple and easy to use, in order to get the most out of their fasting routine. That’s why we create version 3.0 which is available now, completely redesigned to help you on your fasting journey.

Among the newest options that we have incorporated in this new version is the functionality to pick from popular fasting types or create your own custom fast. You can choose between multiple popular fasting regimens, or customize your own fast up to 5 days long.

You can also log your activity and post-fast notes: After ending a fast, you’ll have a chance to edit your start and end times, track how you feel at the end of each fast, and add relevant notes.

Finally, you can learn the science and get helpful tips from the experts: Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to fasting. That’s why we’ve added great resources—studies, articles, videos & podcasts—from industry experts right in the app.


The final result has been a successful interface with more than a 38% increase in usability, which has been highlighted in the user reviews in the app store. It is a highly exciting project, which represents many challenges, but I am extremely grateful, not only for the opportunity but also for the work we did as a team to revolutionize the way people interact with the digitization of their eating habits all over the world.

Oh, I almost forgot! Of course, we are already working on the incorporation of the dark theme, so I will soon upload samples of this new and elegant skin.