Gabriel Ruiz
UI/UX Designer

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

UI Library

I were provided a great opportunity by Qatar Airways to hone my visual design skills and process by creating a mobile app UI library for iOS. A UI Library, also known as visual styles, or theme, is a custom graphical interface elements package that is applied to a particular app or website to create an elegant experience for the users.

After I had a better understanding of user goals and behaviours, I have listed some key features of the app below in order to create low-fidelity wireframes sketches.

  1. Flight list (sort by depature/arrival, best prices nearby, date ranges, for you)

  2. Search (filter by category, type, price range, location, rating etc.)

  3. Boarding pass (digital)

  4. User Profile (gamification, to learn list)


Visual Language
We interviewed a few users to understand their needs and discovered the moods of the app to further define the visual language.

Interview Questions:

  • Why would you use this app?

  • What mood would facilitate for these needs to be fulfilled?

  • How could you communicate this mood through visual language? (colour, space, shape and movement.)


After we decided on the visual style, we applied it to the prototype with following high-fidelity user interfaces.

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.
— Massimo Vignelli